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The Empty Hand Family Karate Studio

835 West Chester Pike - 2nd Floor - West Chester, PA 19382

Email: info@TheEmptyHand.com

Voicemail: 484-653-7597

"Karate" is a japanese word written with a combination of two kanji characters: kara, which can mean "empty" or "emptiness," and te, which means "hand." Karate is a weaponless art, one whose techniques are performed with empty hands.

Sensei ("teacher")
Todd Elliott

The Empty Hand Family Karate Studio’s mission is to help families grow in strength, confidence, character and compassion through rigorous karate training, charitable works and community service. The guiding principles of ISKF Shotokan Karate, which emphasize the development of a participant’s character, effort, etiquette, self-control and sincerity, are key components in our quest to meet the mandates of our mission.

The Empty Hand Family Karate Studio

Assistant Instructor
Joe Elliott

Looking for martial arts in West Chester?  We're located on the second floor of 835 West Chester Pike in West Chester, PA 19380.  835 is the white building on the corner of West Chester Pike and Turner Lane.  The club is upstairs with the Elliott Legal Services law offices and above the medical practices of Dr. Shabih Khan and Dr. Thomas Stickley.

If you're looking for landmarks when you come to visit us, we're across Paoli Pike from the West Goshen Shopping Center, just up the hill from Turner Square shopping center and near the Lukoil and Citizen's Bank (on Turner Lane).

You can leave us a voicemail at 484-653-7597, or an email at info@TheEmptyHand.com.  You can also stop in and watch a class or speak to an instructor to get more information or to sign up.

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