Rank tests in Shotokan Karate are given only by official International Shotokan Karate Federation examiners. Examinations are given on a monthly basis at the ISKF headquarters in Philadelphia, and at the Chester County Shotokan Karate Club in Thorndale, PA. An examiner comes out to The Empty Hand approximately four times per year to administer examinations. Eligible students can take examinations either at The Empty Hand or in Philadelphia or Thorndale; however, those taking an exam in Philadelphia or Thorndale must provide their own transportation. 

In order for a student to be eligible to take a rank examination she must have the permission of her Sensei. She also will have trained a minimum of three months during which time she must have attended at least 30 classes (Younger students usually need more attendances to achieve the same level of eligibility). 

There is an annual ISKF membership fee (separate from fees paid to The Empty Hand) of $35.00, and a per exam fee of $30.00. These examination and ISKF membership fees are paid just prior to taking any rank examination (The ISKF membership fee is paid only once each year).

Visit the following pages for more info on specific examinations, including rules and eligibility information for upcoming exams, and results of past exams.

Upcoming Kyu Exam Info: The next kyu exam at The Empty Hand will be discussed on this page. Upcoming Dan Exam Info: The next dan exam at ISKF headquarters will be detailed here.
Most Recent Kyu Exam Results: This page presents the results of the last kyu exam at The Empty Hand. Most Recent Dan Exam Results: The results of the last dan exam in Philadelphia are on display here.
Exam Results Archive: A list of the results from every exam at The Empty Hand since its founding in 2011.