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NV_Kyu Exam Results

Results of the kyu examination at The Empty Hand Family Karate Studio on Saturday, September 26, given by sensei Judson Sumbler:

Examinee Name:

Previous Rank:

New Rank:

Your Areas for Improvement Include:

Mithra Sarkari 1b Kyu 1 Kyu Back stance! Kime!
Gavin Hefferan 4b Kyu 3b Kyu Head up! Head up kicking! Draw hands!
Laurence T. Pearson
4 Kyu Back stance, use whole body, back leg focus, hands feet same time
Alec Khatib 5 Kyu 4 Kyu Chin up! Back straight! Draw hands!
Lorya Xu
8 Kyu Snap kicks back!

Congratulations, and thank you for all of your hard work!