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NV_Upcoming Kyu Exam

Exam Date:

Saturday, January 30, 2016


Shiai (mini-tournament) begins at 1:00 pm;
rank exam to follow

Entry Deadline:

End of class Saturday, January 23, 2016


The Empty Hand Family Karate Studio
835 West Chester Pike, 2nd Floor
West Chester, PA 19382-4863


Sensei Judson Sumbler


Exam Fee (all students):

Membership Fee (students without current ISKF membership card):

(total fee is $50 for students with ISKF card, $85 for students without card.)

Checks Payable to:

"The Empty Hand"


In order to be eligible to test a student must have trained a minimum of 3 months and have at least 30 attendances. Junior students are only allowed to take two tests in succession before being required to skip a test. Junior students are also limited to testing a maximum of 3 times per year (if you are 14 years or older, or a brown belt, you are allowed to take up to 4 tests per year as long as you meet attendance requirements and have your instructor’s permission).

Students testing for the very first time must complete the green ISKF (International Shotokan Karate Federation) membership application, have the application signed by your parents and also get it notarized (Yes, they really have to be notarized!!) All payments, membership cards, and completed ISKF applications must be presented to your instructor no later than the end of the last class on the deadline indicated above. If you have any questions about the test, you can ask any instructor before or after your normal class times.

When you take any rank examination, please remember:

  • Relax! Do your best, but stay loose and calm, and have fun!
  • Keep your gi clean and neat! Sensei Elliott will not let any student test in a dirty uniform!
  • Don't be late! Students who arrive late to the test may not be permitted to participate!
  • All of your kata, sparring and basic techniques should be performed with speed, power and focus! Make loud, strong kiais throughout your basics, twice during your kata, and whenever you counter-attack while sparring!
  • Keep up the good work! Thank you in advance for making us proud at the class and for an outstanding performance at the test!