NV_Recommended Reading

Published works on karate and martial arts by a variety of authors.
Karate Terminology
Terms we use in karate training, in English and Japanese, with pronunciations.
Dojo Rules
Rules to be followed while training at The Empty Hand.
What is Karate-Do?
Where does it come from? What does it mean? Why do we study it?
Principles of Karate
Key ideas that define and distinguish karate.
The History of Karate
The origins of our art.
Dojo Kun
The principles we strive to live by, that we recite at the end of every class.
Niju Kun
Further principles that Funakoshi-sensei wanted every karateka to study.
Rei-gi Saho
Okazaki-sensei expounds on the etiquette that is to be observed within the dojo.