NV_Dojo Rules

  1. All students are required to learn and follow the Dojo Rules.

  2. Karate parents must personally drop off and pick up all students under age 12. 

  3. Students must bow upon entering or leaving the Dojo floor.

  4. When you first arrive at the Dojo, and before stepping onto the Dojo floor, please remove your shoes. Place jackets, sweaters, shoes, etc., neatly in the changing rooms just outside the Dojo.

  5. Always wear shoes if you need to leave the dojo floor for any reason.

  6. Plain white Karate uniforms (Gis) must be worn during class. All female students must wear a plain white tee-shirt under the Gi during class. During cold weather, male students may also wear a plain white tee-shirt under the Gi.

  7. Your gi must be kept clean & neat, but do not wash your belt. 

  8. Your gi should be worn only for Karate training. Do not wear your gi unless you are training Karate. Normally you should change into your gi at the dojo, but if you wear it to and from the dojo it must be covered (with sweatshirt or big tee shirt, etc.)

  9. Students are responsible for helping to keep the Dojo clean, rags should be done before each class. Brown and black belts are responsible for making sure the dojo is clean and ready for training. 

  10. When using the rags to clean the floor, your uniform is not allowed to touch the floor. In an effort to keep your uniform neat and clean, only your hands and feet should touch the floor while doing the rags, pushups, etc. Also, rags are only to be used to clean the floor. Students who hit other students with rags or who swing or throw the rags, will be subject to many, many push-ups!!

  11. Please make sure you go to the bathroom before you come to class.

  12. Always warm up before training and warm down after training.

  13. Line up at the beginning and at the end of class shoulder to shoulder with the highest-ranking students to the left. Senior students (Sempai) must make sure that junior students (Kohai) are lined up properly. 

  14. Respect the property of other building tenants. Stay inside the training and changing areas, and do not touch any items belonging to other businesses in the building. 

  15. Pay attention! Raise your hand before asking questions during class. Other than questions and comments related to Karate, there is no talking during class. (Sensei and the other instructors like to hear stories about your life outside Karate, but wait until after class to tell them!)

  16. Do not lean against walls, pillars, etc., during training (helps you stay alert and ready to defend yourself). Also, do not touch the dojo mirrors.

  17. During training, and while you are on the Dojo floor, if you need to take more than 2 steps to get from one place to another you must run. Otherwise there is no running in the Dojo and no running anywhere else in the building. 

  18. You are not allowed to laugh at mistakes made by other students.

  19. The Karate techniques you learn here are never to be used to start fights. You are only allowed to use the Karate techniques you learn in class to defend yourself. Any student who bullies other students or anyone else at all will not be allowed to continue training with this club.

  20. Karate students are only allowed in the room(s) in which the class is training. Karate students are absolutely forbidden to disturb or even enter other offices or rooms in the building. 

  21. Karate students should arrive for class at least 10 minutes before your scheduled class time. If you arrive more than 5 minutes before your scheduled class time do not go into the training area (another class may be under way). Sit quietly beside the dojo floor until you are instructed to go into the training area by one of your instructors. 

  22. No Fighting––No Teasing—No chewing gum—No wearing jewelry—No toys on the Dojo floor.

  23. Students must learn the Japanese words and phrases used during class (You must recognize the basic Japanese terminology before you will be allowed to take your first rank examination).

  24. Practice your Karate every day.

  25. Remember to pull your attendance card out of the attendance box each time you come to class (you won’t get credit for class otherwise).

  26. Call the Sensei (484-653-7597), and leave a message if you need to be late to class (failure to follow this rule will result in push-ups and/or squat-kicks).